LMS, e-Learning System

formaforma_lmsForma Lms is an open-source, web-based e-learning platform (Learning Management System – LMS), used to manage and deliver online training courses.

It’s based on a network of companies that support its development and it’s focused on corporate training needs, rather than on academic needs as many other open-source projects.



These are the main features of FormaLms. This LMS is very corporate oriented, therefore its most powerful features are those related to the Teacher role and to the administration of courses and users.

Engaging user experience

Nice and usable interface

Complete elearning features

Manage courses, materials, learning and collaboration with a wide set of options

Flexible User Management

Easily organize you users in unlimited groups and customizable fiels

Outstanding Report System

Build extensive reports with the built in wizard to export in different formats or send with the email scheduler

Integrated certificate system

Automatic creation of dynamic pdf certificates

Classroom Management

Ability to manage classroom courses, student presence, locations, calendars…

Sell your courses online

Native ecommerce functionalities, with cart and paypal integration

Multiple clients or brands

Manage multiple-clients-or-brands from a single installation, with different administrators


Talent Management solution

Organize company roles, manage competencies, monitor your users growth with built-in skill gap analysis

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Upgrade from Docebo

Seamlessly upgrade from any Docebo Open Source platform to Forma Lms