Expense Report Demo – Video


Expense Report Process

The expense report process is a simple process that allows an employee to request a cash advance prior to traveling and then report actual expenses incurred once the employee returns from the trip.  If the employee does not require a cash advance then he simply would begin the process from the task of reporting actual expenses incurred.

Both the cash advance and the reported expenses are sent to an approval task where the employee’s manager must approve the request (Note: the employee’s manager is either defined in the ProcessMaker user tables or is pulled from an Active Directory server or LDAP server via our advanced LDAP/AD synch or Active Directory Single Sign On plug-in).  If the request is denied, it will be routed back to the employee to be fixed or changed with further clarification.

In this workflow if the employee has receipts to attach, the employee will be prompted to upload a scanned copy of the receipts.  These receipts are stored in the ProcessMaker Document Management System and associated with the expense filing.

Once the expense report has been approved, it is then routed to finance for either payment or collection.  If the employee requested an advance and did not spend the full amount advanced, then he will be responsible for returning the unspent funds.  If the company owes the employee money, then the company will indicate how the additional money will be reimbursed to the employee (either in a payroll check, cash, etc.)

This Expense Report process can easily be changed and modified to meet the specific needs of any given company.  We recognize that each company has different policies and procedures with respects to expenses and expense reimbursement.  This Expense Report Process has been designed according to known best practices and should work for most organizations with minimal changes.

Part 1

In this video, we look at the process map of this workflow and how it laid out in ProcessMaker.  We also identify the 2 starting tasks of the process.  The video also shows how an employee can log in and submit and expense report by completing a form and uploading copies of reciepts to back up their claim.

Part 2

In this video, we demonstrate how an expense report is passed to the correct supervisor upon submission by the employee.  All of the data submitted is displayed to the supervisor in read only mode with a section for the supervisor to either approve or reject the request and add their own comments regarding their decision.

Part 3

This video shows the end of the Expense Report Process.  The finance department are passed the request if the supervisor has approved it.  Like the supervisor, the finance department can view all of the originators data they submitted before selecting “Cash” or “Check” as the method of reimbursement.

Following this, ProcessMaker generates an output document which the finance team will print and ask the originator to sign as confirmation of receiving the reimbursement.